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Catering Menu

Family Tray 2 (serves 6) 55.00
Choose your rice: White Rice or Yellow Rice with Pipeon Peas.

Choose your meat: Pernil, Pollo a la Parrilla, Pollo Empanado, Pollo IsleƱo (add $10.00), or Churrasco a la Parrilla (add $25.00).

Choose 6 empanadas: Beef, Chicken, or Cheese.

Choose your sauce: Red Sauce, Cilantro Cream (red or spicy), Spicy Mayo, Mayo Ketchup, Mojo.

Dessert (add $15.00): 2 homemade flans and a choice of Tres Leches or Chocolate Dream Cake.

Catering orders need full payment when placed. All items that contain any meat or sauce will be specified in the description above.

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