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Side Dishes

Real homemade food, made from fresh ingredients right before you eat it.

Side Dishes Half Tray Full Tray
Arroz con Gandules Yellow rice with pigeon peas 28.00 60.00
Arroz Blanco White rice 24.00 60.00
Red or Black Beans 32oz 6.95 Half Tray 22.00
Tostones Half Tray fried green plantains 24.00 44.00
Maduros Half Tray fried sweet plantains 28.00 60.00
Mashed Potatoes made from real potatoes 28.00 60.00
Grilled Veggies fresh charcoal veggies include yellow squash. broccoli, peppers, and onions 35.00 70.00
Yuca AlAjillo streamed cassava vegetable in garlic sauce with onions 28.00 60.00

*Half Tray feeds 10 to 15 people. Full Tray feeds 25 to 35 people.

Catering orders need full payment when placed. All items that contain any meat or sauce will be specified in the description above.
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